Last Sunday, Old Holborn gave up his day off to help me set up some new technology in my kitchen, including a Twitter account, on which I could continue to campaign regarding the obscene sum of money that NHS Litigation Fund is currently having to hold in reserve against future claims. That figure now stands at 56 billion pounds.

As I had closed both my blog, my e-mail account, and my Twitter feed - he had tremendous problems merely getting me signed in Google Chrome. Halfway through the process, I found an old password which appeared to relate to something or other. He tried it. It led him straight to the LettucePrey101 Twitter feed.

LettucePrey101 was an account I had set up some years before hand in order to infiltrate a group of trolls that I suspected were behind the constant hacking and interference with my blog. I need hardly add that some of the tweets I had sent out from that blog were anything but complimentary towards the Savile family. I was trying to sound like one of the hate filled foul mouthed trolls - not a supporter of the family. I succeeded, and gained some useful information mainly through DMs exchanged.

When Old Holborn revitalised that account and changed the user name into 'Anna Raccoon' I literally didn't give the earlier tweets a thought.  It was a grave error.

People have found those earlier 'false' tweet and passed them round the Savile family - an act that has hurt them immeasurably and given me two sleepless nights. Nobody knows better than I how that entirely innocent family have suffered. I was writing about them and supporting them from the very beginning. I continue to support them wholeheartedly. They will always have my support - they have never deserved to have their family name trashed, turned into a byword for evil, or tucked into every article written as 'clickbait'.

I am, quite literally, mortified, to have caused them pain. I apologise from the bottom  of my heart to each and every one of them. They deserve no less.

As for the other people who have been making use of those early tweets - enjoy your fun - you have shown your true calibre, not just to me but to the rest of the world. Shame on you.

What I am going to do now that I have registered another Domain, opened a blogger account, and a new 'clean' Twitter feed (I have been a busy girl!) is to ask you all to switch your allegiance to the new Twitter feed - and I will delete the LettucePrey101 account - it can go to the bottom of the cyber ocean where it belongs, in the murky depth, with the other creatures of the deep!

The new Twitter feed is here:

Please do follow me and encourage others to - I have some more surprises up my sleeve - I'm not dead yet - so I'm not finished yet! Watch this space.


  1. This is TBD, I'll have to sort my ID but just to let you know I'm here and rooting
    for you as ever! Go Go Furry Girl!

  2. "I have some more surprises up my sleeve"

    I'm more than willing to believe it! It's good to know that you are still firing on all cylinders (must be 16, at least; the Bugatti Veyron of brains).

    A quick Google produced this Government announcement from January on legal fees; though the example given is clearly a worst-case scenario, the figures are truly staggering - how do these lawyers sleep at night? However, everything I can find is couched in the future tense; from your better-informed standpoint, do you know how far the relevant legislation has gone?

    'The government intends to impose a new, fixed cap on all cases up to £25,000, pointing to
    numerous examples of lawyers who continue to profit from the NHS by charging more than 80
    times the amount awarded to the victims in minor claims.

    In one case, lawyers claimed £83,000 in legal costs for a case in which the patient was awarded
    £1,000. These costs contributed to a total bill for the NHS of £1.5 billion in 2015/16.

    Currently there is no limit on legal costs that can be recouped and the money claimed by lawyers
    takes vital funds away from NHS trusts. It is expected the new cap will help the NHS save up to
    £45 million a year.

  3. The LettucePrey101 Twitter account has gone - back into the slime of deepest cyberspace, where it belongs.

    1. If only it would take the Lib Dems with it...


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